How do we deal with pressure on the financial sector? How do we ensure the continuity of the bank?


The financial industry is under enormous pressure being attacked by non-banking players. On the one hand, there are the fintech companies that are, due to their specialisation and extreme digital customer experience, responding to today's customer expectations. In that way, they are taking away sales from banks and insurance companies. On the other hand, there are GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon & Microsoft) and large retailers who are a threat by offering banking and insurance services such as payments or management of credit cards. These non-bank players are surfing the possibilities of the mobile ecosystems and new legislation such as PSD2 (which facilitates open banking). This threatens to lose customers - as well as valuable customer information.

Business objectives

  • Ensuring the continuity of the bank by making the right strategic choices that support the necessary digital transformation of the bank insurer.
  • Managing the increase in the maturity of the processes, the organisation, the information gathering and the applications to realise these strategic choices.


The digital vision and strategy are translated into strategic initiatives, in the format of Value Streams. Through an Argenta Business Capability model (ABC), which was set up together with the business, it is made clear which activities the bank insurer must develop in order to optimally support the Value Streams. A structured maturity evaluation of the underlying processes, systems and information indicates where improvements are necessary. Business architecture translates this analysis into concrete programme roadmaps. These programmes are prioritised in the corporate portfolio based on objective criteria (commercial necessity due to evolving customer requirements, legal or risk-based necessity or operational necessity). These programs are the basis for further implementation based on SAFe Agile.



  • Value Streams derived from the strategy
  • Corporate portfolio based on prioritized Value Streams ('doing the right things')
  • Solid basis for making portfolio decisions: capability model, maturity model for processes, organisation, information and applications, and prioritization methodology.
  • Processes and RACI for this approach

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