The Brussels Regional Administration responsible for Mobility was faced with the challenge of implementing new legislation for authorising construction sites on the roads of the Brussels Region. In implementation of the new legislation, the Administration had also developed new online tools through which roadwork authorisations have to be requested. 

Business objectives

The different stakeholders of the roadworks authorisations process now needed to be informed and trained on the implementation of the new legislation and the use of the new online tools.
Targeted stakeholders included:

  • Local and Regional authorities, managing local and regional roads and streets in Brussels. This includes internal stakeholders of the Brussels Region; 
  • Utility companies such as electricity, gas, sewage and telco companies; 
  • Police.


1. Analysis of the legislation & the online tools

2. Setup of a customised training path and learning methodology. Development of a set of training tools with for each training, in 2 languages (French & Dutch): 

  • Presentation slides 
  • Interactive animations & practical exercises
  • An educational sheet for trainers, including detailed timing of the training, training objectives, target audience, notes…
  • Training announcement for publication
  • Syllabus with detailed training content in full text
  • Training evaluation by participants

Where appropriate considering specific needs, trainings were developed for a particular stakeholder group. In that case, several trainings were developed in parallel on the same topic, each time adapted to the specific situation of the stakeholder.

3. Development of an online subscription tool, including presentations of the training path and training sessions, and follow-up of participant subscriptions.

4. Delivery of trainings, by our team of trainers

5. Evaluation, monitoring & update of the trainings


New training sessions continue to be organised and delivered to new participants, but so far:

  • 13 training modules were developed, in French and Dutch, some of them in several versions adapted to the stakeholder groups.
  • Over 500 people attended one or more trainings.

Used service


Our trainings are the result of years of practical, in the field experience of our senior consultants. Based upon specific needs and desires of our customer (learning objectives, building blocks), we set up one or more tailored training plans.