How do we prepare ourselves for the launch of our new systems? What do our people need to be ready?


To prepare for the introduction of a new market communication standard (MIG6.0) and other shifts in the energy market, Essent Belgium took on a new project. Whereas the initial trigger for this project was pure compliance, it was also seen as an opportunity to update the old ERP system. The main ambition of this project was to introduce a customer-oriented approach throughout the entire organisation.

Business objectives

The main objective of the Operational Readiness team was to prepare the people for the go-live of the new ERP system. This assignment was two-fold: 

Knowledge transfer
Both the operational business as the external customer service centres had to learn how to execute their day-to-day work in the new systems.

Smooth transition 
The employees had to feel comfortable and confident to start working with the new systems, even though this sometimes meant going ‘back to basics’. 


Next to the agile development teams and the business experts, we were part of the Operational Readiness team that documented the future processes and business decisions necessary to introduce the new way of working. We facilitated the creation of the necessary new work instructions, explaining the different actions step-by-step. 

In collaboration with Essent, we decided upon a phased blended learning approach, tailored to the needs of each team. We used a mix of e-learnings, classical training sessions and practice sessions to learn by doing. Before the start of the trainings, we prepared the external trainers via a train-the-trainer trajectory and helped them master the new applications. 

Throughout the project, the change readiness of the organization was an important variable. Through surveys and team sessions we enquired the employees' change readiness and adapted communication and training content to match these needs.  



Looking back at the business objectives

Knowledge transfer:

  • The employees were trained in the necessary skills before the launch of the new applications. 
  • The customer focus was integrated in the general trainings for each part of the customer journey.

Smooth transition:

  • The majority of the people felt confident to start working with the new applications, given that they had some support at hand (work instructions, business experts,...)

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