After an in-depth market analysis, the organization of independent health insurance funds developed a new health insurance product to cover various medical expenses incurred when there is no hospitalization.
The health insurance funds Partena and Partenamut decided to launch this new insurance product and make it available for their affiliates. 

Business objectives

Partena and Partenamut wanted to launch the new insurance product within a short timeframe in order to preserve their first mover advantage in this segment.

The project of the product’s launch covered all aspects related to the product:

  1. The commercial launch, including the marketing campaign;

  2. The operational launch, including changes in the ERP system, drafting and setting up incoming and outgoing customer communication, setting up invoicing systems, modifying front office applications, developing BI reports…;

  3. The change management: training & internal communication about the product, the available marketing tools and the changes in operational tools such as the ERP system. Targeted stakeholder groups included the help desk, front office staff and back office staff.


BDO Ideas At Work was responsible for managing the launch project and ensuring all activities are finalized in time for the launch. 
The following approach was rolled-out in close collaboration with the numerous stakeholders at the client’s side:

  1. Identifying the project activities
    With the client’s experts and other stakeholders, the impact and consequences of the new product’s creation in the overall organisation were analysed, in all its aspects (COPAFILT method). Based on the results of the impact analysis, we identified which activities needed to be done, based on brainstorms, interviews and workshops. 
  2. Planning the project activities
    Each identified activity is prioritized, its effort estimated and planned with the relevant responsible person within the client’s organization.
  3. Following-up the implementation and reporting to management
    At the closing of the project, post-project evaluation and lessons learned were organised with the team.
Case_partena_connecting the dots


The new health insurance product was timely and successfully launched. 

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