In 2009, the regional government of the Brussels Capital Region announced that they were starting a work of reflection on bringing the organisations managing social housing (Sociétés Immobilières de Service Publics or ‘SISPs’) closer together. The objective was to reduce their number and rationalize the social housing sector in Brussels. 

This ambition was confirmed by a constitutional agreement in 2011, specifying the objectives to be achieved. 

In this new context, our clients, the SPRB (Service Public Regional de Bruxelles) and SLRB (Service du Logement de la région de Bruxelles Capitale) were in charge to run this major transition.

Business objectives

The objective of the project was to reduce the number of SISPs from 33 to 16 over a period of five years, through a series of mergers between SISPs. 


A consortium of experts (legal, financial, operational organisation, communication, notary) from various sectors was selected in order to manage this process of mergers and allow SISPs to work more efficiently in the long run. 

In this consortium, BDO Ideas at Work was in charge of the operational organization component of the project.  

BDO Ideas At Work worked in three major phases, adapting the approach to the needs and characteristics of each specific merger. 

Step I : Preparation of the merger agreements  

  • General communication on the approach and important points of a merger  
  • Preparation of materials and tools 
  • Animation of seminars for managers and directors (awareness and training) 

Step II : Merger Agreements  

As potential merger candidates presented themselves, it became necessary to help them complete the merger.  

In addition to the financial and legal aspects, our role has been to : 

  • Design their potential merged organization (future organization chart, decision-making body)  
  • Involve management teams (and sometimes board members) and create a team dynamic in order to increase openness and motivation to move forward in the mergers 
  • Resolve punctual crises (resistance to the mergers) with management teams 

Step III : Implementation of the merger projects 

Case_SISP_Connecting the dots


At the end of the mission, among the 16 groups which had submitted their merger plans, 13 mergers had been completed (legally and operationally) between 2011 and 2017. The last 3 mergers were planned for 2017-2018.


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