Connecting the dots

Throughout the last 20 years, we identified 6 interconnected main drivers for running a smooth business. The combination of connections is unique for each business. 

Often at least one of these drivers needs improvement and in that case, BDO Ideas at Work can help you connect the dots to optimize your organization and its key assets!



Our trainings are the result of years of practical, in the field experience of our senior consultants. Based upon specific needs and desires of our customer (learning objectives, building blocks), we set up one or more tailored training plans.

Each training trajectory is set up through the blended learning approach using a combination of different methods and techniques. This way, we aim to maximize the return on training investment.

We can also help you set up your own training trajectory. We provide the training material, training sessions are organised and facilitated by you.


Our approach

In all our services, we ensure actionable ideas, personal commitment and knowledge transfer through the hands-on mentality of our management consultants. We use methods, sector and domain knowledge, adjusted to our customer’s environment, to deliver result-focused projects and solutions. 

We are committed to a partnership culture which, to us, means:

Our approach