We have extensive experience in in-company training and coaching. Our hands-on expertise is a leverage for developing the necessary competences, skills and behavior of your employees. 

Our trainings are the result of years of practical, in the field experience of our consultants. This is where we strongly differentiate from other suppliers. 

Based upon specific needs and desires of the customer, we set up one or more tailored training plans. Each training trajectory is set up through the blended learning approach, using a combination of different methods and techniques. This way, we aim to maximize the return on training investment. We are convinced that a combination of different methods and techniques guarantees that the training objectives are achieved. 

Training approach



At BDO Ideas at Work, we make a distinction between 4 training objectives. For each objective, we use an adapted approach: 

  1. Creating awareness for the subject and the need for it in the organisation
  2. Understanding the framework and its most important techniques through an introductory training course.
  3. Preparing to apply the content in practice through an advanced training
  4. Maximising the ROI of training investment by integrating coaching